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Girls Girls Girls Part II

Posted by: cucumber on: December 23, 2012

Long legs, bright red lips, on the streets of Tokyo or on the Sunset Strip. Trick or treat and cheaper then a lap dance. These hot babes will put you in a trance. We’ve got Girls, Girls, Girls Babes you will adore! Arched bootys, bodacious ta-tas and pink lagoons galore! We love girls who love […]

Kowaremono II

Posted by: cucumber on: December 8, 2012

The erotic adventures of Aki continues… In Part II, Aki’s sperm collecting days are over. Rather then being scrapped, she serves an eccentric professor as his maid, and she can now transform into a super-heroine. A plot more twisted than the last. How will her android heart react to finding love from a new master? […]